Target Markets

World MapWith local field operatives, BSG delivers goods and services to several key demographics, funneling all business through entities held by Kingdom Builders. The below markets serve as separate foundational launching pads for Big Stone Group’s investments and business startups.

+China's Emerging Market
As emerging markets (EM) grow, there is a rise in the per capita income for residents within the EM. This growth pulls families out of poverty and dependency, moving them into self-sufficiency as middle market consumers. In this movement, an entirely new group of consumers is being created in regions where products and services do not exist in a large enough capacity to serve the emerging market. It is estimated by 2020, China’s population of middle market consumers will be larger than that of the United States.

Why China? The World’s largest transfer of wealth is happening right now and will continue over the next few decades in China.

China is one of the world’s fast growing emerging markets. The growth rates in China indicate the nation’s production and per capita income is quickly rising, causing China to have the largest demographic of middle income earners in the world by 2020. As Chinese citizens leap from impoverished producers to middle income consumers, the market needs will shift towards producing goods and services for Chinese consumption. Big Stone Group meets the needs of China’s emerging market by investing in businesses that can produce goods and services for China’s middle income consumers.

Imagine having a time machine in the United States, and you can travel 20, 30, or 40 years into the past. What businesses would you create with the foresight you have from living in the United States today? Big Stone Group is taking the opportunity to build those businesses in China, where the market has not yet reached the maturity of its developed neighbors. In addition, China’s population and customer base is exponentially greater than other nations in the world, creating a higher profit potential.

+US-Based Opportunities
Big Stone Group recognizes the United States, and other developed countries, still have a strong base of middle market consumers. Leveraging the expertise and backgrounds of our leadership, the BSG portfolio is balanced by a few strong investments in the US. (~ 70% Chinese companies/30% US companies) This provides an opportunity to our Chinese investors who want to invest in the US private equity market.

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