Entrepreneurship Program


Big Stone Group partners with Big Tree International to form a dynamic entrepreneurship program. While Big Stone Group is concerned with launching businesses to create financial ROI for investors, Big Tree International supports business owners with training and mentoring to produce Kingdom ROI within each business model.  Each business model moves through the following steps to ensure accountability for financial ROI as well as Kingdom ROI.

Every business begins with an idea. BSG is always listening, observing, and talking with Chinese entrepreneurs to find the next great business concept.
During the development process, BSG researches and develops business plans. Investors offer input, approve business models, and invest capital to launch successful businesses.
Big Stone Group uses equipped owners with entrepreneurial drive. BSG monitors business operations to ensure integrity in business production, margin, and leadership.  
Big Stone Group and Big Tree International partner to ensure each business produces financial ROI and Kingdom ROI. Each investor receives returns as the business profits and grows.  

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